How does DPF Master Flash machine works?

The hydrodynamic method is the most effective for filter regeneration process. This method is based on the introduction of a cleaning agent operating at the interface to the system of the particulate filter or catalyst, this introduction takes place with appropriately selected pressure and an exact amount of the agent (this is of great importance – improper performance of these activities may lead to the displacement of the monolith, its chip damage or blockage of the measuring channel or capillary). Moreover, in this process, the pressure in the filter chamber is cyclically increased, detaching the soot and ash particles weakened in a chemical reaction and expelling them outside. Th hydrodynamic method is used in the DPF Master Flash machines produced by XTON.

The filter is cleaned in a liquid concentration with a biodegradable medium at a temperature of about 50 Celsius degrees. During regeneration process a cavitation process takes place, which guarantees restoration of parameters close to the factory parameters of a new filter.

Unlike burning the filter out in an induction furnace or pouring chemical on the DPF only the hydrodynamic method guarantees a clean filter. An induction furnace damages the monolith of the DPF filter by using very high temperature. The filter ceramics are also not resistant to direct effects of chemistry, e.g. dimmer.


Benefits of the DPF Master Flash devices

  1. ISO and CE Certification – the device has a CE declaration of conformity confirming that the machine is made in accordance with directives and standards. Is is manufactured in accrodance with ISO standards.
  2. FUNCTIONALITY – ergonomic design and intuitive user inteface mean that operation of the device does not require specialized knowledge.
  3. DESIGN – high aesthetics of design and attention to details makes XTON devices the best.
  4. ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS – the hydrodynamic regeneration process with DPF Master Flash is completely safe for the environment.
  5.  ALL IN ONE – integrated hot air drying and filter cooling system. Throughput and contamination measurement system confirmed by parameter printout.
  6. ECONOMICS – low operating cost – 5 euro net  for cars and about 30 euro net for trucks.
  7. UP TO 99% EFFECTIVENESS – effective cleaning of the particulate filter from PM10, PM2,5, oxide cerium, oil sludge, heavy metals completely safe in operation.
  8. MOBILITY – ethernet controller enables remote device diagnostics and software updates. A mobile app allows to view the operation on a mobile device.
  9. PERSONALISATION – possibility to personalize the print – contractor name / vehicle model.



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