Recently, the political party Nowoczesna has filed to increase penalties for drivers who interfered in the construction of the dpf filter. The project was rejected by the parliament, but does not change the fact that the government is constantly working on improving the air quality in our country. The “Clean Air” program was created and one of its goals is to seal control at vehicle inspection stations and to fight the procedure of cutting out particulate filters. The prime minister’s representative for the program indicates that soon there will be regulations that will eliminate diesel and gasoline vehicles from Polish roads that do not meet the exhaust quality standards.

Piotr Woźny explains what changes are going to come. Vehicle inspection stations will be forced to carry out a test set during periodic inspections. Stations will be required to have devices for determining exhaust emissions. The test will be recorded both visually and audibly at all times, and then the record will be archived. There are also rumors to use the German idea by introducing traffic restricting zones in some cities. The first city to introduce such a solution is Krakow in the Kazimierz district, introducing a clean transport zone.

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