What is the best DPF cleaning method
The most effective is the hydrodynamic method. This method is based on the introduction of a cleaning agent operating at the interface, to the system of a particulate or catalyst filter, this is done with the appropriate pressure and the exact amount of the factor (this is of great importance - failure to carry out these activities may lead to the displacement of the monolith, its crushing damage or blocking of the channel or measuring capillary). In addition, this process leads to a cyclic increase in pressure in the filter chamber, detaching the soot and soot particles that are weakened in the chemical reaction, expelling them outside.
How long does the DPF cleaning process take?
The total DPF regeneration time using the hydrodynamic method depends on the type of filter and the degree of soiling. The process takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The average time is about 45 minutes.
What consumables are needed?
Filters, active DPF / FAP Cleaner Extra Power, collars and silicone tubes
Should water and detergent be utilized?
The detergent used to clean DPF filters is fully biodegradable and safe for health and the environment. The filters used in the machine keep the water clean. Dispose of pollution caused by cleaning as well as used filters, according to local environmental protection regulations.
Is it necessary to dry the filter?
Drying is not necessary, but it significantly simplifies and shortens the entire service process. The un-dried filter will result in the car being smoked white until it evaporates completely.
What is the drying temperature?
The drying temperature of the filter is about 112 degrees Celsius, which gives us confidence that the liquid inside the filter will be evaporated
What is the total cost of regeneration of one DPF FAP filter?
The total cost of regeneration of one DPF filter in a passenger car is approx. 5 euro depending on the degree of filter contamination.
What do we get in the set with the DPF Master Flash Cleaner machine?
In the set with the machine we get:
- set of adapters for filters
- quick X filter systems
- active DPF / FAP Cleaner Extra Power
- training at the headquarters of our company
What are the available forms of financing?

- credit
- leasing
- cash

- the possibility of delivering the machine by our company
- external transport order for the company
- personal collection